Get the Help You Need for Alcoholism or Addiction without a Residential Requirement

We continue to closely monitor information provided by state and federal government, regulatory, and local health agencies related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the interest of protecting the health and safety of our patients, staff, and our community, we are offering secure, online appointments currrently.

Alcoholism and addiction won’t disappear during the COVID-19 pandemic and for some, it may make matters worse.  If you or a loved one want to speak with one of our counselors, let us know and we can set up a call or secure, online meeting to discuss your options. 

Recovery from Alcoholism

Have your or your loved one unsuccessfully tried to cut down your drinking or maybe begin drinking in the morning? Do you feel annoyed when asked how many drinks you’ve had? Has the person felt guilty about what they’ve done while drinking?


Answering yes to any of these questions are all warning signs that alcohol dependence may be present. 


Approximately 10% of the population of the United States is susceptible to alcohol addiction and it is the second most common addiction after nicotine.  Find out more about alcoholism and how our treatment program can help.

Treatment of Chemical and Substance Abuse

It’s important to not confuse the person with their illness. Substance abuse and chemical dependency is actually a disease that affects the nervous system which results in a loss of control over the use of drugs.


A person suffering from substance abuse may experience cravings for drugs and alcohol and continue to use them despite adverse consequences. Our primary treatment objective is abstinence and we also recognize that communication and refusal skills are a major part of a successful, lasting outcome.


Mental Health & Chronic Pain Programs

Chronic pain can be a disabling condition which can change a person’s life from one of activity to one of misery.  Our multidisciplinary treatment program addresses both management of pain and provides tools to return to a rewarding life.


We also have a mental health treatment program. With advances in psychiatric treatment and medication treatment we now look at mental health disorders as predictably treatable, similar to diabetes or high blood pressure. Our program utilizes a mix of non-addictive medication and therapy to help you manage and enjoy life.

We Accept Most Insurance Carriers Like:

Our services are often "in-network" to insurance providers. In addition to the above, we accept United Healthcare, Health Net HMO, UCSB Student Health Insurance, Magellan, MHN and Optum. To verify your insurance, contact us and also visit our getting started guide.

Recovery Road Medical Center houses one of the longest-running recovery programs in Santa Barbara.

Evidence-Based Care

  • Our treatment schedules focus on proven methods that are approved by the California Society of Addiction Medicine (CSAM) and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) -- both organizations of which we are certified and members. This means care is supervised by qualified personnel and evidence-based which ensures proven strategies for recovery.

Continuity of Care

  • Our therapist meets with patients four times a week and there is typically an 8 to 1 ratio of patient to each therapist. Our patients see the same therapist throughout the recovery process.
  • Unlike other outpatient programs that have a classroom setting and a 15 to 1 or more ratio of patient to each counselor -- we create individual goals with our patients.

Medical and Attending Staff

  • Providing Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist involvement to our patients is important to us and critical to recovery. Few outpatient programs have trained medical doctors or psychiatrists on staff.

In-Network Insurance Provider

  • We have had contracts with health insurance providers since 2006 which means our services are in-network and usually covered by your insurance carrier. This is not the case with every outpatient program.
Recovery Road Medical Center is conveniently located across from Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in our new office off Patterson Avenue.
Recovery Road Medical Center is conveniently located across from Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital in our new office off Patterson Avenue.

About Recovery Road Medical Center

Our mission is to provide the highest quality treatment for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction, mental health disorders, and/or chronic pain in an outpatient setting.

Recovery Road Medical Center’s alcohol rehab program, for example, helps individuals listen to and acknowledge what is inside and re-establish respect for self. Through daily addiction-focused treatment and using the power of groups to start the cycle of change, our patients go from rejecting what is inside to sharing their feelings and breaking out of the isolation that often comes with alcoholism. We believe each patient should be treated with respect and should have access to and knowledge about different alcohol rehab modalities that suit his or her needs.

We offer various programs to help people overcome drug addiction and alcoholism, chronic pain and mental health disorders. The rehab programs offered at the treatment center will include medical and psychiatric assessment and care, separate groups and individual therapy for addictions, mental health disorders, and chronic pain. Our philosophy is that these are separate conditions and require individualized treatment plans.

Meet Our Medical Doctors and Treatment Team

Dr. Joseph Frawley, M.D.Co-Founder of Recovery Road Medical Center

Dr. Frawley is a board-certified internist, certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and past President of the California Society of Addiction Medicine. He has been treating chronic pain over the past fifteen years and is Co-Founder of Recovery Road Medical Center. 

Dr. Sherif El-Asyouty, M.D.Co-Founder of Recovery Road Medical Center

Dr. El-Asyouty is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of addiction. He serves as the Medical Director and Co-Founder of Recovery Road Medical Center. 

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