We do not confuse the person with his or her illness.

Drug addiction, also known as Chemical Dependency or Substance Abuse, is a term that refers to a disease of the nervous system which is a manifested loss of control over the use of drugs or alcohol. Problems from its use may be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms when drugs or alcohol are discontinued. A person suffering from substance abuse may experience cravings for drugs and alcohol and continue to use them despite adverse consequences. Substance abuse can carry the risk of misuse, abuse, dependence and even death.

Substance abuse of drugs and alcohol may result in both physical and psychological injury and illness, including liver damage, heart problems, infections such as AIDS, legal problems, divorce, alienation from children, financial loss, depression, panic attacks, hospitalization, memory loss(both acute blackouts and actual brain injury that may be permanent) and multiple injuries. Patients may develop physical, mental and emotional pain.

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