One of the key things we’ve seen during the pandemic is that many alcoholics and addicts fear relapse as the stressors in our life are great. Without in-person 12-Step meetings, many of us could isolate and when we isolate, we could relapse.  For the next ten days, we will review 10 ways to combat relapse.

Address the Stress

Stress most often shows up in your body and might show up as a rapid heartbeat, getting sweaty, or being irritable.  If you pay attention, you can see the signs and address the stress before it takes over. This is when we should take a breath, sit for a spell and meditate, read a book or do something that slows things down.

Work Your Program

Keep your sponsor’s number on speed dial and call him or her regularly. DO you need to do an inventory?  Working the steps calms many of us down pretty quickly. Finally, attend an AA meeting online even if you keep the video off and just listen.  You can find meetings at

Be In Touch With Your Feelings

Especially when you are just starting, feelings can get pretty intense and confusing. Work with someone you trust to figure them out and identify what exactly you are feeling and why.  A sponsor and especially a therapist is a good choice for this action.

Don’t Isolate

If you are spending more and more time can be a sign of depression and can often lead to relapse because we start believing our own stories, even if they need more perspective than we know how to give

When to Get Professional Help

If you are an alcoholic or addict experiencing anxiety, depression, or are afraid of relapse, it’s a good idea to get some help.  Contact us at Recovery Road Medical Center so we can have a talk about how we might help.  We’re at 805-965-7900.

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