Resilience and COVID-19


In times of crisis we are left with several options, we can give up and surrender, we can fight or take advantage of the situation and look at ourselves and reevaluate our priorities. 


With the coronavirus crisis, it's time for us to look at ourselves and dig deep for our internal resources and resilience and realize the importance of things that we might have ignored. It always has been helpful to have support around us but with the coronavirus mandatory isolation, we recommend continuing to connect virtually as we know support is always been a major source for dealing with a crisis that we don't have control over. 


So if you or your loved one is having problems dealing with the stress please don't hesitate to call our professionals at 805-962-7800 to get the support you need. As Americans and humankind, in general, we have endured several situations and atrocities throughout life but we were able to face it and get out of the crisis stronger and more united.

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