Objectives of Our Chronic Pain Management Program

Multidisciplinary treatment of chronic pain has been shown to improve the function of patients with this disorder. For some, it also assists in reducing the level of pain that they experience. The program utilizes structured activities, daily pain logs and cognitive behavioral therapy provided in a group modality.

Patients also meet weekly with their counselor to monitor progress towards their goals in their treatment plan. One of the medical directors also meets with the patients weekly regarding medication and medical concerns.

Here are the main objectives of the program:

  1. Optimization of pain control.
  2. Develop skills such as pacing, assertive communication, and relaxation.
  3. Improvement in depression, anxiety, and anger.
  4. When stressed the ability to take time out, share and ask for help
  5. Reduction in cognitive distortions, increasing function and reducing pain.
  6. Addressing chemical dependency issues if present.
  7. Involvement of family and friends in learning pain management techniques.

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