Topics for Our Education Groups on Chronic Pain

Our education groups discuss and review specific topics every time they meet to help you manage your pain:

  1. Understanding pain.
  2. Accepting ownership of pain.
  3. Role of medication and pain.
  4. Loss and grief.
  5. Pacing, problem-solving, planning, perfectionism.
  6. Depression, anxiety, fear of the future, loss of self-esteem, anger, guilt.
  7. Family and pain.
  8. Friends, work associates, general public and pain.
  9. From Victim to Victor: finding choices.
  10. Sleep issues.
  11. Sex and pain.
  12. Enhancing the quality of life with chronic pain.
  13. Boundary setting.
  14. Communication, assertiveness, active listening.
  15. Exercise and nutrition.
  16. Relapse prevention and pain flares.


  1. The stress-pain connection.
  2. The stress-appraisal connection (threat, loss, challenge.
  3. Identification of automatic thoughts and images.
  4. Challenging negative distorted thinking.
  5. Identify underlying belief systems.
  6. Challenge negative, distorted beliefs.
  7. Identify pain-related core beliefs.
  8. Challenge negative distorted pain-related beliefs.
  9. Create positive coping self-statements.
  10. Create coping cards.
  11. Learn and practice expressive writing.
  12. Learn about assertive communication.
  13. Plan an assertive communication.

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